Each part of the body functions to support each other. Without the eye, the body would not know where it is going. Without the toe, it would lack for balance. Without the brain, it would not be able to process the information it is receiving. Without the heart, it would simply cease to exist.

Similarly, the health scope has many parts that make up the whole. Physiotherapy, Medicine, Occupational Health, Fitness, Diet, Mental Health and Emotional Health are only a few facets of it. 

And then the question arises – where exactly does Health fit in with the rest of society? The fact is that the health industry is not simply one discrete industry. Instead, it touches and interacts with every other area of society – Media, Art, Technology, Business, Education, Government, Family even Spirituality and Religion!

This broad view of Health can help to break down barriers in how society interacts and more importantly, how the general health of the person can be done better and more efficiently.

Each part of the industry has something to offer. We can’t all be specialising in everything. But when we work together… that is when we are better together.

This is the vision and mission of Tweak.Health. To collaborate within the Health Industry and other industries to Tweak your Health. 

If you would like to know more about how you can start your health journey with us, or if you would like to find out more about partnering with Tweak.Health, please drop us a line!

Chiyo Kurasawa